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Examination magnifier for fast clinical analysis or in-depth dermatological examinations. With its maximized field of view and color-true illumination, the Optima examination magnifier provides optimum support in everyday practice.

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in the Palm of Your Hand

96 microprocessor-controlled LEDs enable a brilliant light which remains constant even at low battery level. Polarized optical filters enable a glare-free view of the skin. UV light for fluorescence analysis (Optima 3-in-1 model).

Μεγέθυνση στην παλάμη του χεριού σας

Lighting Modes

Λειτουργίες φωτισμού

Non-polarized light (daylight) is characterized by brightness, color fidelity and homogeneity. It is a strong and unadulterated type of illumination that brings light into darkness.

Polarized light reduces reflections and puts skin irregularities in the background. This allows a better evaluation of colors and contours, even in deeper dermal and epidermal structures.

Directed light, either from the left or from the right side, makes considerably better assessment of skin structures possible, which is why this type of illumination is particularly suitable for raised lesions such as nodules or angiomas.

UV / Wood's light With four high-output 365nm UV LEDs, superficial pigment and skin auto-fluorescence can be easily visualized. Suitable for Wood’s light exams of bacterial, parasitic, or fungal skin infections.

Optima Models

Optima Models

Optima 3-in-1
  ✓      Non-polarized light  
  ✓      Polarized light     
  ✓    Directed light
  ✓      UV/Wood's light  

Optima Daylight

  ✓    Non-polarized light 
  ✓      Polarized light
  ✓      Directed Light
✗ UV/ultraviolet light

Dual charging station
For Optima and Luminis

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