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High-resolution dermatoscope provides quality, flexibility and efficiency--all in a compact, hand-held system.

D200evo supports all of your lesion monitoring needs: Close-up image capture with standardized daylight and cross-polarized lighting at 15x to 200x magnification, as well as clinical image captures.

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Νέας γενιάς δερματοσκόπιο

The Next Generation Dermatoscope

The high-resolution touch screen on the D200evo displays a live preview which can be magnified, saved, analyzed, and assigned directly from the D200 without using a mouse or keyboard.The D200evo captures standardized images with selectable lighting modes for professional and reliable documentation--all in a user-friendly, ergonomic design.

D200evo is fully integrated with DermaGraphix® bodymapping software
to deliver fast and repeatable lesion management.

Συνδέστε εύκολα κάθε μακροσκοπική λήψη με την αντίστοιχη αλλοίωση στον χάρτη σώματος.magraphix-tag-images.png

Easily link each close up image to its corresponding tagged lesion on the body map.

Το DermaGraphix® δημιουργεί φάκελο ασθενούς των αποθηκευμένων σπίλων για γρήγορη ανασκόπηση των δεδομένων τους.

The DermaGraphix dashboard organizes dermoscopy images for optimal review and assessment.


Easy surveillance with side-by-side comparison of overview and dermoscopic images.


Advanced Dermoscopy

  • Unique camera touch display

  • Brilliantepiluminescencemicroscopy

  • Cross-polarized and non-polarized attachments

  • 15x–200x magnification

  • Autofocus for precise overview images

  • Clinical images in 6.5MP quality

  • Hot-swappableUSB

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