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Fast, convenient and consistent studio quality photography

A fully-automated solution for clinical images in medical and aesthetic practices.

  • 48MP Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera for highest resolution images

  • Automated body mapping

  • Studio-quality non-polarized and cross-polarized lighting

  • Video capabilities with LED lighting

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Expert quality images from every user

From facial imaging to full body photography, Canfield's IntelliStudio guides users through the entire photo process

Combining studio quality lighting with smart automation, the IntelliStudio facilitates image capture to ensure repeatable facial and body photography with both non-polarized and cross- polarized lighting. And, the motorized, programmable lift controls height consistency, which combined with Canfield's MatchPose® image capture and management tool, ensures perfectly registered before and after images.

In addition, the IntelliStudio offers newly integrated video capabilities
with LED lighting, including record, playback, and zoom capabilities,
to provide full HD live video dermoscopy.

Give Your Practice an Upgrade with the Canfield IntelliStudio®


Cross-polarized illumination

Cross-polarized lighting eliminates specular highlights and improves the ability to see skin features.


Non-polarized lighting

Studio-quality lighting with proprietary Xenon flashes are calibrated and balanced for skin imaging to reveals skin features while maintaining aesthetics and reducing shadows.

Αυτόματη αναγνώριση προσώπου

facial recognition

Patient’s face is automatically recognized, setting camera height for quick and repeatable patient positioning.

Δυνατότητες βίντεο

Video capabilities

Video capture with LED lighting, including record, playback and zoom capabilities.

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48 MP mirrorless camera

48 megapixel Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera maximizes image quality because there is no mirror mechanism, but direct visual contact with the sensor through the lens.

intellistudio 3

Motorized Programmable Lift

Motorized programmable lift ensures repeatable camera positions and lighting for consistent, reproducible images, with an auto bodymap mode to quickly and automatically capture head to toe photos.



A live video preview along with built-in positioning aids ensure reproducible subject positioning between time points.



Capture 360° photos easily with the automated IntelliStage turntable. The sleek ergonomic design rotates patients comfortably throughout captures and can be flash-responsive or controlled with a remote.

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Canfield Care Available

The Canfield Care® agreement provides unlimited technical support, hardware warranty, training webinars, software upgrades and ViewMyConsult® access.

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HIPAA Compliance

A live video preview along with built-in positioning aids ensure reproducible subject positioning between time points.

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