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Dermatoscope Reinvented

Smart, flexible, easy-to-use solutions for dermatologists and skin care professionals to document skin conditions for evaluation and comparisons over time. All VEOS dermatoscopes feature 10x magnification, a powerful digital imaging app, and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery.

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veos hd2

Bright, High-Contrast Viewing.

Pocket-Friendly Design.

Polarized and Non-Polarized Light Dermoscopy

The VEOS HD2 with dual-mode lighting is the ideal solution for viewing either subdermal pigmentation and vascularity or surface structure. The trim design fits easily in a pocket and offers a comfortable ergonomic feel in the hand. Precision optics and lighting deliver exceptionally bright and clear view of the finest detail. Quickly switch from polarized to non- polarized lighting with the touch of a button, or snap on the glass contact plate for immersion fluid dermoscopy. An optional iPhone integration sleeve allows one-click attachment for fast, high quality digital preview and image capture.

A powerful digital imaging app for the VEOS dermatoscopes.
The VEOS app is a versatile software application for dermoscopy image preview, capture, management and communication.

veos lense
Εικόνα βλάβης με πολωμένο φωτισμό VEOS®

Lesion image captured with VEOS cross-polarized lighting

Μαρκάρισμα θέσης επιθυμητής βλάβης για επισκόπηση της φωτογραφίας

Mark image location

Βάλτε ετικέτα στην περιοχή της εικόνας

Tag lesion to overview photo

Wireless Integration with DermaGraphix® 

Tag lesions directly to body map or capture to patient chart. You can also save images to your iOS camera roll or email them right from the VEOS app.

Ασύρματη ενσωμάτωση με το λογισμικό DermaGraphix®

Advanced Dermoscopy

Πολωμένος φωτισμός

Cross Polarized lighting
Provides optimal viewing of subdermal pigmentation and vascularity.

Μη πολωμένος φωτισμός

Non-Polarized lighting
Provide optimal viewing for surface features.

Φωτεινή, υψηλής αντίθεσης προβολή

Bright, high-contrast viewing
Four element glass optics for bright, high-contrast viewing and a clear view of the finest detail.

Δερματοσκόπηση Με ή Χωρίς φακό

Contact & Non-Contact Dermatoscopy
VEOS comes with a magnetically mountable glass contact plate for contact dermoscopy, with or without immersion fluids.

Μεγέθυνση 10Χ

10X Magnification
10X Magnification

Κλίμακα χιλιοστών

Millimeter scale
Millimeter scale etched on contact plate allows quick measurement of lesion size.

Μακράς διάρκειας μπαταρία ιόντων λιθίου

Long-lasting lithium-ion battery
Long lasting lithium-ion battery provides up to 3 hours continuous operatio

Εργονομικός σχεδιασμός τσέπης

Compact, pocket friendly design
Compact design for comfortable handling and examinations.
The HD2 feature a retractable lens allows it to fit easily into a pocket.

Μαρκάρισμα δερματικών βλαβών

Tag Lesions
Tag lesions directly to body map in the VEOS app or capture to the DermaGraphix® patient chart.

Εφαρμογή VEOS®HD2

VEOS Software Application
VEOS app controls all functions from the touch screen display. It can be used with an HD2 in conjunction with optional sleeve kit and user's iPhone.

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