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In the battle for skin cancer, the "Andreas Syngros" Hospital acquires the VECTRA WB360, an exclusive donation of the Onassis Foundation.

A state-of-the-art machine for 3D mapping of the patient's entire body initiates innovation in Oncological Dermatology in Greece.

The new high-end Vectra 3D WB360 machine was presented at an event, which is the latest technology in skin imaging, both in terms of monitoring patients at high risk for the development of skin cancer, as well as all dermatological diseases. It uses 46 integrated imaging stations, which take a snapshot of the entire body, then create a 3D model of the patient by reconstructing the images with Artificial Intelligence algorithms. With this model is given the unique advantage of being able to monitor all the lesions, or the rash of a patient at the same time, as well as their evolution. In addition, with follow-up photography, the appearance of new lesions, or the change of older ones, can be detected, thus laying the foundations for more effective detection of skin cancer.


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